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capitol domeOur city, Washington, D.C., gives us many reasons to feel proud. But sometimes we get a bad rap for being expensive– from restaurants and parking to hotels and yes, to real estate purchases. But forget the bad rap, this time D.C. gets a pat on the back for an unexpected reason, according to the personal finance site Wallet Hub. Drum roll please: Washington, D.C. holds the title of Least Energy Expensive State. Okay, D.C. is a city but now we’re splitting hairs.

Take a look at these 3 stats to support our proud status:

  1. D.C. consumes the least amount of fuel per driver. I’m sure metro riders, cyclists and pedestrians can take some credit here.
  2. Wyoming ranks three times higher than D.C. in average monthly motor-fuel consumption per driver.
  3. D.C. ranks fourth-best in electricity consumption per total housing units.

Want to crank up your personal energy efficiency? Find some easy tips right here.

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